Who is The Queen?

Spoiled little Army brat, part of my life lived in the ‘burbs listening to nothing but Jazz and Gospel music. My life changed upside down when my mother moved us out of the suburbs of Oklahoma and to the ghetto streets of Detroit.

It wasn’t until then, that my love and appreciation for music began! I was first introduced to Hip Hop music, and although I was a proper seemingly innocent young girl; I felt like I had truly found the one thing in life that got me. Even the more gangsta Hip Hop got me. I could hear their passion and their pain, they were speaking about things that were now becoming a part of my everyday life. Accustomed to always having what I wanted, never having to go hungry, never having to be scared for my life, I turned to Hip Hop music as a way to release the pain that I felt I could not verbally speak.

Hip Hop was my first love, then along came other genres such as Rock, Pop, Blues, R&B, Funk, etc. that opened my ears to a world far beyond my imagining. From the first time hearing artist like AZ, Nas, Redman, Tupac, George Clinton, Newcleus, and Run Dmc I was hooked. My search had begun to expand and my ears opened even wider as I listened to more, and opened my mind to the idea that music did not have to be simply black and white. Music has no color. I see no color as I listen to the beat and lyrics, and realize that in some way it is related to my life.

Now, at the age of twenty five, I am still broadening my search and listening to whatever moves my soul. Music is my voice when I cannot speak, or don’t have the words to say. Music is the air I breathe, it is the thing that gets me from day to day, Music is life.