White Walls

White Walls Artist: Brandon Lockheart Release: August 2011 I just couldn’t figure out what to say about Brandon Lockhearts debut mixtape, White Walls. I was on the fence. I couldn’t figure out how… Continue reading

Consciously Better Than You

Consciously Better Than You Artist: Macs The Realest Released: November 2011 Who’s full of themselves? Macs The Realest that’s who, but let me tell you, he has every reason to be. This twenty… Continue reading

Song Review: Thirsty

Song: Thirsty Artist: Willie J Peso Release: November 2011 Don’t you just hate thirsty women and men? I know I do. Thank you so much Willy J Peso for making another song stating… Continue reading

The Name Is Tag

The Name Is Tag Artist: Nametag Release: June 2010 Re-Release: November 2011 I’ve always had this stigma when it comes to Detroit rap artist. I found the music to be superficial and just… Continue reading

Song Review: The Pot

Song: The Pot By: Tool Album: 1000 Days Released: 2006 Driving through the city and my phone battery has gone dead. No more music, what am I to do? Turn on my favorite… Continue reading

Retribution Granted

Retribution Artist: Kuniva Released: 2010 A day before I heard Retribution, I was speaking on Twitter about how I couldn’t wait ‘til Hip Hop was once again more than gimmicks and tight ass… Continue reading

The Voice Of My Soul

Enjoy a journey through my voice: music. It speaks for me when I cannot find the words to say. It shares my pain, my struggles, and the happier times of my life. Follow… Continue reading