Our Problem…

Our problems! Much more than nigga
Our problems! Deeper than saggin’
Our problems! Way beyond “The Man”

*smiles* Remember back in the day
days when we used to play all day
Days of parents whom didn’t play
Remember? When are parents were more mature even if they were jus a generation out of school?
Remember when struggle was  real as real, yet we learned to deal?
Cheese entered our TopRamen, fruit in our KoolAid
Cleaned your only pair of Nikes, hey you had it made
Remember even if the Dad cheated, he still felt needed to include you in his life?
None of this strife, court back n forth
Cause the child to retort in an unpleasant manner
Remember before child support?
“Baby ain’t mine” So but you slept w/her
Drumed a lil rhyme for some of her dark perfumed time
Can you blame women for speaking in pain
Burnin eggs on the stove, keepin from goin insane?
What’s insane is Christmas without a father! Let’s say this again, Christmas without a father! *breathes heavily*
We, including me need to stop listening to ‘Pac!
If you are than take his thoughts to heart
HipHop isn’t the answer nor its the source
The Source has always been above us, of course

Our problems, much bigger than nigger
Our problems, more hue than white
We’re smart enough, this day to make everything right