The Lunchroom

Artist: Fat Ray
Release: 11/2010

Fat Ray considers himself to be the laziest MC in the D’, but with his 2010 release of ‘The Lunch Room,’ he’s proven to me otherwise. It really only takes one word to define this mixtape: Banger! It made me smile. I loved this twenty four track mixtape, and Fat Ray has become one of my favorite hip hop artist in Detroit.

I first heard Fat Rays opening track, ‘Candy Out The Box,’ in the summer of 2011 and I fell in love. It wasn’t easy for me to find this mixtape, after hearing the song. But itt was worth the hard work. The Lunch Room is a diamond in the ruff. I got a crook in my neck every time I’d listen to a track.

On Candy Out The Box, Fat Ray uses candy and snacks as a metaphor for just how dangerous messing with him is. Fat Ray opens with, “I woke up in the Ginger Bread house with two honey buns with me. I was Nutrageous last night evidently…” and continued on to say, “…want some peanut butter I’m chefin’ that good jiffy. Hit you with the tropical flavor for three fifty…”

I love his word play, and his delivery is slick. Fat Ray loves his snacks, women, and weed. Yet he’s not to be tested. He may be a fat kid that loves cake, but he’s from the streets of Detroit. He’ll get his candy out the box, and that’s the last thing you’d want. He’ll be “…slappin down the block and rattling all the aluminum…” He’s got bullets for anyone pursuing him.

This mixtape was very entertaining, and I loved the movie and commercial snippets used throughout the mixtape. My favorite snippets were on Weed Song, Skit 6, and Real Mc’s. Weed song was my favorite of them all. Fat Ray uses the Arbor Day Foundations commercial which says we should appreciate our trees that they’re terrific. Immediately following, Fat Ray raps about smoking a Dutch with the exotic variety of weed.

The production of the mixtape was superb. With tight head banging beats and Fat Rays slick and relaxed flow makes this great listen. Not to mention, his extensive reference to his hometown Detroit, MI. It is definitely a tribute and a great look for the ‘D.

The track list for this album is as follows”

1.) Candy Out The Box*
2.) You And I*
3.) Skit 1
4.) Azz Then A Model
5.) Faygo And Ganz*
6.) Skit 2
7.) Keep Doin It feat. Black Milk*
8.) Live Drom The Zoo feat. Phat Boy Chef*
9.) Ted Dibiase
10.) Weed Song*
11.) Skit 3
12.) Be Somebody
13.) Close Your Eyes*
14.) You Don’t Eat Like Me feat J.U.S*
15.) Skit 4
16.) Speakers On Bang *
17.) Real MC’s*
18.) Take It To The Block feat. J.U.S
19.) Skit 5
20.) Bosses On Deck feat J.U.S*
21.) Pitch ‘N Raw
22.) Skit 6
23.) King Of Rock feat Phat Boy Chef
24.) You*
*denotes my favorite tracks

As you can see, I really enjoyed this album. It’s a must hear and a must have. Check the link below to download a copy for yourself. Free of charge. Also, check out the video of Fat Rays opening track, Candy Out The Box. Hope you enjoy.

The Lunchroom – Fat Ray

Candy Out The Box – Fat Ray