What’s Beef? Tupac v. Notorious Big

Here I begin. Considered one of the greatest Hip Hop beefs of all time. The involved parties are considered to be two of the most influential artist of their era. They used to be friends. So what’s beef?

Pac got shot one night in New York while visiting Big and Diddy at the studio. Both New York born rappers used to be friends. Before Biggie was famous and considered one of the powerhouses of Hip Hip, Pac had Biggie performing at his show and was pretty much the catalyst for Bigs career. Pac was under the impression that Biggie had something to do with his shooting and robbery. That’s where the feud began.

Biggie released his single, ‘Who Shot Ya,’ in ’95 after his fame with ‘Big Poppa.’ Although the Brooklyn rapper didn’t come right out and say the song was about Pac, many people believe it to be a subliminal diss against the West Coast rapper. I believe that ‘Who Shot Ya’ was a shot at him. Big opened with:

“Who shot ya? Separate the weak from the obsolete. Hard to creep them Brooklyn streets…” For me, a clear indication that he is speaking to Pac about that fateful night in New York.

Big continued to talk about how how gangsta he was, how many bitches he pulls, how much money he had, and pretty much saying he’s the shit and fucking with him was the wrong move. There are also several other tracks in which Big is accused of taking shots at Pac. Most notably in his ’96 release with Jay Z ‘Brooklyns Finest’ and ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’ on the ablum ‘Life After Death’ released in ’97. While the song was released after the death of Pac, it can definitely be considered a diss against Tupac, which is made apparent by his lyrics. On the track, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Biggie states:

“..Too many niggas on my dick, shit strenuous. When my men bust, you just move with such stamina. Slugs Missed ya, I ain’t mad at cha (we ain’t mad at cha.)” and went on to say, “…slugs hit yo chest tap your spine, flatline. Heard through the grapevine, you got fucked fo’ times. Damn that three to nine, fucked you up for real though…”

Although it seems the song was written before Tupacs demise, it’s sad it was released after he died. Biggie was smooth, calm, and collected when it came to this beef. He didn’t feel the need to go on the extreme. He kept it simple, but still got his point across. I would have loved for him to address Pac directly, instead of having us wonder if the West Coast rapper was who he was speaking on. All evidence, however, points to Tupac as the target.

Tupac was locked up in ‘95 for sexual abuse after he was shot in New York. Pac had plenty of time to stew, and I’m sure the rumors that ‘Who Shot Ya’ was aimed at him didn’t help matters much. Pac was mad. I mean he was pissed. After being released from prison in ’96, Pac released the ferocious diss record ‘Hit Em Up.’ He killed Biggie, and his whole crew in less than five minutes. Hit Em Up was intended to destroy Biggies credibility and career. With his opening verse Pac really said all he needed to say.

“I ain’t got no mutherfucking friends. That’s why I fucked your bitch you fat motherfucker,” then proceeded to say, “…you claim to be a playa but I fucked your wife. We bust on Bad Boys, niggas fucked for life…”

Once you claim to have fucked the wife, it’s pretty much over. It didn’t help that there were already rumors circulating about Pac and Faith Evans relationship. But Pac wasn’t done. He enlisted The Outlawz: Hussein Fatal, Kadafi, and E.D.I Mean. Together they ripped Biggie apart. Pac attacked Junior Mafia, Mob Deep, Diddy, Bad Boys and anyone who decided to respond to his diss and ally with the crew. They accused Big of being gay and stealing Pac’s style.

Pac still wasn’t done. After much retaliation from other New York rappers Nas, Diddy and Jay Z, Pac felt the need to release a few more diss records aimed at the East Coast rappers. On his first album released under his new name, Mackeveli, and a short time after his death. Pac released ‘The Don Killumaniti:The Seven Day Theroy’ in which the songs ‘Against All Odds’ and ‘Bomb First (My Second Reply)’ in which he also enlisted the Outlaws, was released. Pac was relentless with his attack and went as far as to say that he “…takes this war shit deeply…”

With his release of Against All Odds, Pac continued to threaten Bigs life, and the life of those who allied themselves with the Brooklyn rapper. Pac called Big out and stated that he was a lying about the night that he was shot.

“…set me up, wet me up, niggas stuck me up. Heard the guns bust but you tricks never shut me up. I’ll destroy everything you touch, play the game nigga. All out warefare, eye for eye. Last words to a bitch nigga, “WHY YOU LIE…”

Pac is definitely the winner of this beef for me. Hands down. Complete body, coroner didn’t even need to resume. While I’ve heard it said that Pac acted like a lil kid having a temper tantrum for the release of Hit Em Up. I say temper tantrums sometimes work. That’s why kids throw them. Pac reeked of pure hate and let that raw emotion out on the track. Not only that, I love the fact that he called out Biggie and everyone else he had a problem with directly. It was wonderful and Pac will go down with having the G.O.A.T diss record for the song.

Who Shot Ya – Notorious B.I.G

Hit Em Up – Tupac

Brooklyns Finest – Jay Z ft. Notorious B.I.G

Against All Odds – Tupac

The Long Kiss Goodnight – Notorious B.I.G

Bomb First – Tupac