Necessary Assassination

Artist: J.F.K
Release Date: July 14, 2013

With their latest album Necessary Assassination, JFK is taking over. Assassinating the rap game to usher in a new era of production content lyricism and the overall structure of the somewhat diminished Hip Hop scene. Taking out the old to make way for the new. The stepping stone for the rebirth of Hip Hop. Necessary Assassination is a leap in the right direction.

JFK, or rather Joint Force Kings is made up of three very talented MC’s. Authentic MC and Logic who hail from Pontiac, MI and True Reality who hails from Detroit. Together, they are a whirlwind of pure lyrical creativity. They give me a sense of nostalgia with their music, and take me back to the days when Hip Hop was a movement, and more than just music. JFK is reminiscent of other groups like Detroits Slum Village and Nappy Roots; but definitely hold their own and create their own standard of music.

Joint Force Kings uses this 18 track album to tell the story of their life and hardships. With their first track of the album, ‘Reign On Me,’ JFK captured me and willed me to listen on. Logic recited his poem ‘Life Water,’ that spoke about the rain and how it’s not as wonderful as the media may portray. It can give and sustain life, but at the same time, it can take life away. According to Logic, rain is passion, pain, life, and death. All subjects that are touched upon in this album. JFK is well aware of the ways of this world and speak on politics, women, violence, and drugs. They’re from the hood and have no problems with roughing you up, and can still laugh and see the lighter side of life. They portray this in their lyrics and the stories that they tell.

These three guys have a lyrical ability that other artist dream of and you can hear the passion in every bar they spit. I also love the somewhat soulful laid back vibe that the album gives. The beats are fresh and relaxed, which accompanies their relaxed, but powerful style of rap. True Reality is also the producer of this album and the production value is through the roof. The beats are immaculate and it’s mixed and mastered to perfection. Necessary Assassination is what I like to call “feel good music.” During and after listening to this album you will feel good for having done so and want to do so again.

The track list for this album is:

1. Reign On Me*
2. War feat. Melanie Rutherford, Waymond and Rebel Fresh*
3. Exit Wounds*
4. Magic
5. Take Me feat. Melanie Rutherford
6. Fresh Like D Say feat. Mic Phelps and One Be Lo*
7. Slum Beautiful*
8. Music feat. Kodac*
9. In The Smoke
10. The Dipper*
11. Angel Wears Prada feat. Waymond
12. We Own The Night feat. Ro-Spit*
13. Beautiful Things feat. RNB*
14. The Last*
15. Voicemail
16. Grind Daily*
17. Sunday Morning*
18. GoodNIght feat. Jess Aleakatino
*denotes my favorite tracks
As I’m sure you can tell, I enjoyed this album a lot. It put a smile on my face and it made me feel so good. Necessary Assassination is a must hear and a must have. Below is the link to listen and download for you. Hope you enjoy as much as I did, I’m sure you will.

JFK – Necessary Assassination

Fresh Like D Say – JFK ft. Mic Phelps & One Be lo