The Transition


The Transition
By: Young Macs The Realest
Release: September 4, 2013

He’s back at it, and shows no signs of stopping soon. Pontiacs own Macs The Realest has released a new mixtape, and has vowed to drop one every month until he blows up. He wants to see his name in flashing lights and hear it chanted by the masses.

I’d say Macs’ well on his way with his latest mixtape, The Transition. Although his mixtape is only eight tracks long, it’s eight tracks of gold. This battle rapper turned full-time MC has definitely grown from the last project I reviewed, “Consciously Better Than You”. Properly named, The Transition spotlights Mac as a more confident artist whose delivery has come a long way, with lyrics that are just as tight and insightful as they’ve ever been.

One of the things that I really like about Macs is his range; he can go from a relaxed and laid back flow in one track, then speed it up and twist his tongue on another. In songs such as ‘I Chill,” when he starts rapping fast, his words get jumbled at times and it’s hard to clearly decipher what he says. There’s some work that needs to be done there, but besides that, The Transition gets two thumbs up. Young Macs’ a conscious rapper who speaks the truth of our world in tracks like ‘Fuck Em,’ but can be just as superficial as any other as shown on his track ‘Versace Remix.’ Young Mac has a way of telling his story that makes you want to listen, and in some cases I’m able to relate to exactly what he’s saying. I get a sense of who Mac truly is with his music.

Macs may be young, but he’s just as real and dedicated to his music as any other artist. In some cases, I’d say he’s more. It’s very refreshing for me to know that there are still artist out doing what they do solely for their love and passion of music. I can understand and appreciate his current goal because there aren’t too many real MC’s when it comes to mainstream rap, and it’s about time that changed.
Young Macs The Realest proves he is deserving of the limelight and won’t stop until he sees it. I commend him and hopefully, upon hearing The Transition you hear what I hear: a superstar on the rise.

The track list for The Transition is:

I’m Fuckin Cool*
I Chill
Put Me On
Can You Judge Me For Being Real*
Versace Remix* – I like this song way better than the original
You On That Bullshit*
I Gotta Leave
Fuck Em*
*Denotes my favorite tracks

Check out The Transition for yourself. I’m sure you’ll be just as pleased as I am, and check back for updates regarding his upcoming mixtapes. Below is the link to download a copy of The Transition for your collection. Enjoy. 🙂

The Transition – Macs The Realest