Dear HipHop

You usedta bring a smile to my cheeks, a rhythm to my feet
Each beat, somethin soulfully unique
Now you’ve gotten lazy, hazy and downright gayish
We miss the porkchops& yams
When brothas did the poetry jams
I miss you, my dear HipHop
Turn on the radio, smile @ your voice
You, HipHop became my dangerous choice
From your rich hips, up through your vivacous tips
Fashion from you, kept everyone hip
Hop through the 80s, shoot through the 90s
Watch you become a conglomerate, honey
From films, to the b-boys with the blacktop skills
Your appeal grew much phatter 4real
*shrugs*Which is why, nowadays when I look through those big full eyes
Alls I can recongize are a tenth of the rhymes
Face ain’t as pure, feet past obscure
Somethin has to happen, chick
I’m out of cures
I miss you my dear, HipHop
I miss you my dear, HipHop

-Written by: Trell TheVillan