What’s Beef?

I was sitting back listening to a diss record aimed at Papoose for dissing Big Sean and his song Control. It got me thinking about the good ole Hip Hop beefs and how… Continue reading

Dear HipHop

You usedta bring a smile to my cheeks, a rhythm to my feet Each beat, somethin soulfully unique Now you’ve gotten lazy, hazy and downright gayish We miss the porkchops& yams When brothas… Continue reading

Song Review: 104

  There’s really only one word to describe 104 by Wyldman Mike….DOPE! It has nothing to do with the fact that I’ve known him most of my life. A four year vet with… Continue reading

What’s Beef? Jay Z vs. Nas

Nas was already an established artist at the time Jay Z dropped his first studio album Reasonable Doubt. They were both mutual friends with Biggie Smalls and at the time Hip Hops King… Continue reading

Memoirs of a Dope MC

Artist: Cal L Release: April 19, 2014 I first heard of Detroit native Cal L back in 2011, it was a track titled, ‘Love 2’ that was re-recorded for his ‘Memoirs of a… Continue reading

What’s Beef? LL Cool J vs. Canibus

At the time of this beef, LL Cool J was a power house. Considered one of the greats and heavy hitters of Hip Hop. He is still to this day. LL could battle… Continue reading

What’s Beef? N.W.A vs. Ice Cube

You can’t say N.W.A wasn’t properly named. These niggas really did have attitude, but it made for good music. They all used to be friends. So what’s beef? Eazy had a label, Ruthless… Continue reading

Our Problem…

Our problems! Much more than nigga Our problems! Deeper than saggin’ Our problems! Way beyond “The Man” *smiles* Remember back in the day days when we used to play all day Days of… Continue reading

The Lunchroom

Artist: Fat Ray Release: 11/2010 Fat Ray considers himself to be the laziest MC in the D’, but with his 2010 release of ‘The Lunch Room,’ he’s proven to me otherwise. It really… Continue reading

What’s Beef? Tupac v. Notorious Big

Here I begin. Considered one of the greatest Hip Hop beefs of all time. The involved parties are considered to be two of the most influential artist of their era. They used to… Continue reading

Necessary Assassination

Artist: J.F.K Release Date: July 14, 2013 With their latest album Necessary Assassination, JFK is taking over. Assassinating the rap game to usher in a new era of production content lyricism and the… Continue reading